Watch out: The experience could be life changing…

Starts 22nd September 2017
A six-week course of 15 lessons which remain available to you indefinitely

Cost: €39.99 (if your currency isn’t the Euro, your credit card company will convert it automatically)

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What people say about the course:

“Thank you, Padraig, for another excellent, life enhancing and enjoyable course.”

“Thank you Padraig for creating an excellent course. I feel it will be life-changing for me anyhow and hopefully for others.”

Will you still be your friend an hour from now?

The relationship you have with yourself can enrich or impoverish your life and your relationships with other people.

In this course, based on the practice and philosophy of mindfulness, you will learn to be a true friend to the person you already are.

A friend to who you already are

You don’t have to build yourself into someone new in order to experience self-compassion. This doesn’t mean that you never recognise the changes you need to make. But you do so from the perspective of a friend and not of a severe critic. The experience is completely different.

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What happens on the course?

The course has 15 lessons which become accessible at 3.-day intervals. Texts are accompanied by audios you can download and keep. The course includes many self-compassion techniques and self-compassion exercises.

Every lesson has an optional comment and discussion section in which I participate.

I think of the course as self-compassion training with mindfulness training.

You can contact me directly during the course. The course remains accessible for months after it ends.

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