“Sometimes good, sometimes bad. That’s how today, tomorrow and the next day will be. Accepting that this will be so, removes a layer of anxiety. It also allows you to get on with whatever, if anything, needs to be done now.”

This quote from my Daily Bell, with which thousands of people start or finish their day, depending on where they are on the planet, is among the most popular of the ‘bells’ I’ve sent out, judging by retweets.

It states a simple fact about the day, week, month, year, decade, ahead. Acknowledging and accepting that fact brings relief and I think that is why it’s so popular.

It’s a basic Buddhist philosophy – I am not a Buddhist but a lot of my work draws on Buddhist psychology. Though that psychology dates back more than two millennia, the reaction makes clear that it very much speaks to us today.

This acceptance may or may not change what’s going to happen – whether you approach events in a state of equilibrium or in a frantic state may affect the outcome. The main purpose of acceptance though is to change how you relate to events and so much of mindfulness practice is about that.

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