If you’re like a bear with a sore head first thing in the morning, then a mindfulness routine may help to reduce your level of grouchiness.

This is because your dark mood may well come from the grumpy thoughts about the day ahead that begin circling your mind as you’re on your way out of bed.

Instead of paying attention to these thoughts, try noticing:

  • the feeling of your feet against the floor,
  • your fingers touching light switches and door handles,
  • water splashing on your hands
  • the sound of the kettle boiling

and the other experiences that come with morning but which we often screen out of our awareness.

If you want to go further you can also notice your breathing and perhaps spend a minute or two doing just that.

​This way, at least you have a chance of getting as far as the front door without putting yourself into a bad mood first thing in the day.