Free mindfulness resources

​All the mindfulness exercises and mindfulness techniques on this website and in my books and courses are aimed at helping you to do two things:

Return, return, return
The first is to return your awareness again and again to the present moment because the mind wanders endlessly, sometimes into scary places. Coming into the present moment more often helps you to live more effectively and with a greater sense of well-being. The simplest method is to practise returning your awareness to your breathing because your breathing is always happening in the present moment.

Cultivate acceptance
The second is to cultivate an attitude of acceptance. This means accepting that things are as they are: It’s raining, I’m a shy person, I’m bored, I’m interested, I’m happy, I’m sad and so on. Does this sound like giving up or giving in? Actually people who accept the reality of how things are can also be very good at changing things, probably because they don’t waste energy in complaining about what they cannot change.

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