Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness techniques can help you to become mindful at many points during a day. This is important because of the tendency of the mind to wander into memories, worries and other distractions. Using these techniques will remind you to be mindful. And if you’ve also included some mindfulness exercises that you need to set a little time aside for, you will find it even easier to use these techniques. Try the techniques below and then use the one you like most.

Mindful walking

As you walk from one place to another, in your place of work, inside your home, or outside, bring your awareness back to the experience of walking. So instead of having your mind wandering off into the latest twist in office politics or into some old memory or some worry,   bring your awareness to the sensation of walking: after all, that’s what’s actually going on in the here and now.

Mindful on your phone

Every time you use your phone just take a second to become aware of what you’re doing. Better still,  take the time to notice the feeling of your breath before you tap the screen Because we spend so much time on phones, building that into our day can be a really good and frequent mindfulness practice. It can also help to give us some presence of mind  when reading emails, texts and messages.

Lunch mindfully

We do a lot of mindless eating, sometimes not even being aware of the food we are putting into our mouth or  of what it taste like. So try bringing awareness to your eating and start by having lunch mindfully. All this means is being aware of what you’re eating and drinking while you’re eating and drinking.  Think that’s simple? Try it and see. And if you do, not only will you be more mindful but you will enjoy your food more as well.

In addition to these techniques, you can try some mindfulness exercises to make it easier for you to be mindful as you go through your day.