Experience and learn about mindfulness – suitable if you’re new to mindfulness, if you already practise mindfulness or if you are just curious about it. Over 5,000 people have attended my two-hour events.

Date: Sunday, 3rd November, 2019
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth
Cost: €29

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What people say about the course:

“..thank you for introducing and inspiring me in the practice of Mindfulness”

“I am really enjoying the sessions … I now have your Mindfulness exercises at the ready by my bedside and these have been very helpful in getting a good night’s rest.”

“Great course, got a lot out of it.”

“I really enjoyed your lectures and hope to incorporate the practice going forward.”

In a two-hour session you will learn:

  • Mindfulness exercises and mindfulness techniques you can use straight away in all areas of your life.
  • How mindfulness improves well-being and reduces stress
  • Easy ways to make mindfulness part of your daily life without doing lengthy meditations

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What happens during the two hours? 

We begin with a simple mindfulness exercises that you can do  very easily at home, at work and elsewhere.

I explain what mindfulness is and why adding mindfulness into your day can make such a difference to your well-being.

Later we will do the mindfulness of breathing practice and also a mindfulness practice which people find very very relaxing and which many find helps them to sleep when they wake up at night.

You will hear how mindfulness lowers stress and improves well-being; how mindfulness can help you to step back from resentments, regrets and other negative thoughts; and how mindfulness techniques can be a valuable tool as you experience the challenges and pleasures of life.

About presenter Padraig O’Morain

I have practised mindfulness since the late 1980s, have taught mindfulness throughout Ireland and in London, have demonstrated mindfulness on ITV, RTE and TV3 and have had books on mindfulness published in several countries and several languages. My latest book is on mindful self-compassion and is called Kindfulness. My aim is to make mindfulness easily accessible to people in their everyday lives.

What you learn in the two hours will be enough to enable you to practise mindfulness at home, at work and elsewhere, starting straight away.
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