Bring mindfulness with all its benefits to your daily life with this course of 15 lessons which remain available to you indefinitely

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What people say about the course:

“Thank you for this course Padraig…already paying dividends as I apply the practise in daily life. Feeling more grounded, calmer and better able to deal with situations that would have made me slip into panic mode.”
​(Student on the April 2015 course)

“Your course was truly excellent Padraig. I loved the clarity and variety of each lesson. Integrating some of your practices, has truly changed my perspective on life and knowing that I can cope with my challenges, no matter what arrows are thrown.”

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“Make mindfulness part of your life easily. The course builds on my popular workshops in Ireland and the UK, on my mindfulness books, published in several languages, and on more than 25 years of practice.”

“Where and when can I do the course?”
Anywhere and any time you’ve got an internet connection. And as most of the material is downloadable, you won’t even need an internet connection if you’ve saved it. So you can do it at home, at work (don’t get caught), on the beach, on the moon – wherever you like, morning, noon and night.

“What if I can’t keep up because of work or holidays (or even work or life in general)?”
Don’t worry, the course will be there for you when you get back. You can break at any time and come back. You can postpone starting after you’ve bought it. The remains available indefinitely because lots of people have to turn their attention to other issues that crop up.

“What can mindfulness do for me?”

  • Mindfulness reduces stress.
  • Mindfulness improves empathy and thereby contributes to better relationships.
  • Mindfulness changes how you relate to stressful thoughts or memories.
  • Mindfulness enhances your general wellbeing.

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“How does the course work?”

  • The course has 15 lessons which remain accessible indefinitely so you can do them in your own time – you don’t have to keep to the three-day schedule.
  • Texts are accompanied by audios you can download and keep.
  • The course includes many mindfulness techniques and exercises.​
  • Every lesson has an optional comment and discussion section in which I participate.
  • You can contact me directly during and after the course.

(The ticket box below states that the event “is currently running.” This is automatically inserted by the ticketing system. In fact course will begin for you whenever you choose. Similarly the ‘end’ date shown in the ticket box is a quirk of the ticketing system. The course remains available indefinitely.)

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