Mindfulness Books by Padraig O’Morain

Mindfulness on the Go

If you want to bring a sense of space and calm into your busy life, earn how to use mindfulness in your daily life but don’t have the time to do long meditations, Mindfulness on the Go is for you.


​Light Mind – Mindfulness for Daily Living


Picture My book Light Mind – Mindfulness for Daily Living contains a wealth of practices for those who want to become more mindful in their lives. It’s for sale in Easons in O’Connell Street, Dublin and can be ordered online fromVeritas, the Book Depository and Amazon.

You can read extracts on the Veritas and Amazon websites. “… this is a practical, thoughtful and immensely mindful book…” – Dr Brendan Kelly, senior lecturer in psychiatry, University College Dublin


Mindfulness for Worriers

Mindfulness can change your relationship with worry and anxiety so that they no longer destroy your quality of life. My new book, Mindfulness for Worriers, is full of practices and ideas to help to help you keep worry and anxiety in their place.