What a brilliant 3 minutes on ACCEPTANCE. As it happens, I’m struggling with accepting an inevitable episode in my life as a senior citizen.
Many thanks Padraig.

PS I’ll be keeping an eye out for any more videos on acceptance.

I must say Padraig that the few minutes helped me to put aside worries that I cannot do anything about and allowed me to be still and be present to all the wonderful things that I can enjoy in my surroundings.
Accepting things that we cannot change gives us serenity of being able to tolerate the pain or misfortune without the added bitterness or blame that is destructive.
So thank you for those words that help us to live life as it is, not as we often wish it should be. When we cultivate this,we can enjoy the beauty around us and the people who make our lives worthwhile.

Thank you so much for the free instruction i have a disease which doesnt allow me to access your courses but your free online daily posts are allowing me to work on a debilitating childhood love and kisses cheryl

Wonderful. Wonderful. A good pocket tool to carry around. Will use in my daily activities. Thanks.

a great video and found it beneficial

Wonderful piece of advice.I felt an instant calm listening to this video and how much sense it all made.Will definitely use it a my daily mantra.Many thanks for all your helpful advise and knowledge

Just sitting in the sun ☀️ listening to you speak about acceptance…. it made such sense to me, as in the past when I did nt accept something it felt like going against the grain. Thank you for your calming way.
Hopefully my practice of mindfullness will grow stronger.
Therese Mulreany

Pauline 23/9/2017 12:12:11 pm

Acceptance other half of Mindfulness Difficult for me to let go as u say doesn’t mean u approve or surrender to it makes sense Thank u for video help