​“At some point during the day, taste the coffee,” she explains. “Notice it and that’s already disciplining your mind. Your mind wanders? It’s supposed to. Just bring it back to tasting the coffee, over and over again, and that’s like doing a sit-up.”

So says Ruby Wax in an interview in the I newspaper with Chloe Hamilton about her book Frazzled.

I like her approach. For people who are never going to do 20 minutes mindfulness of breathing in the morning, ‘opportunistic mindfulness’ is the way to go: be aware of the sensations when you’re having a shower and then of the coffee later, and so on.

All of this she regards as a form of brain training and suggests mindfulness could well be renamed mind fitness. “Keeping the mind fit and healthy is just as important as eating nutritious foods. And mindfulness techniques can be incorporated into everyday life as easily as brushing your teeth, she says.”

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