Getting through this

Image by Grant Ritchie

Getting through this

This website has many free resources that can help with emotional aspects of living through our current world crisis. Some of the resources, with links to each resource, are listed below – I will update the list as we go along.

Getting through this
Daily Bell

You can also get  my free daily mindfulness reminder, the Daily Bell, by email (16,000 people already get it) but start here by trying out the resources.

Getting through this
Resting in the imperfect moment

We need to accept our moments of dissatisfaction as well as those we like. Acceptance lowers stress and can clear the way for change.

Getting through this
You will find almost twenty free audios of mindfulness practices and talks on my Soundcloud page and another dozen here on the Audios page of this website . The audios are relatively short.
Anxious mind

Move from the stories to the facts – they’re easier to handle The mind’s interpretations are sometimes right and sometimes painfully wrong. When your thoughts scare you, try looking at facts rather than your mind’s scare stories. More…

Don’t let excessive worry take the joy out of life Sometimes we worry beyond the point at which it ceases to be helpful. Sometimes we substitute worry for action. We need to know when to stop – or at least reduce – worrying and we need to shift our attention back to the moment. More…

Practices that can help

Yes, take a breath – but all the way out

We often ignore the out-breath yet it is one of the best resources we have for de-stressing. That’s because the out-breath engages that part of the nervous system that calms us down. More…

7 ways to practise awareness of breathing

Placing your attention on your breath for a while can interrupt distressing thoughts and bring you a sense of calm. Different sorts of mindful breathing suit different people: one of these seven is bound to suit you. More…

Mindful ways to get you back to sleep

Lying awake worrying solves nothing and leaves you tired and stressed for the day.  Mindfulness can help you to drift off or at least to have a more relaxing night. More…

A mindful walk in 7 stages

You can do this walk in your head or in real life, depending on your situation. Because it’s broken into seven stages it can take your mind off worrying and bring you to a better emotional place. More…


Sometimes good, sometimes bad – a mindful approach to the coming day It’s true of almost every day of your life that you will have a mixed experience – sometimes good, sometimes bad. Accepting this can balance your approach especially if you tend to focus on the negative. More…

Stop the snowball in its tracks It’s easy to make yourself feel worse – just keep piling one negative thought on top of the other as though you were making a mental snowball. Three questions (What do I fear will happen? What do I want to happen? What’s most likely to happen?) can help you to get things into perspective. More…